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Lokos Electronics Secures Long Term Air Force Contracts

Middleton WI- Lokos Electronics announces multiple awards/contracts for $419k from the US Air Force. The contracts cover the delivery of a 340.5Khz Band Pass Crystal Filter used in a Secure Communications System. The delivery spans 12 months and ends a long approval process with the Air Force. The USAF is projecting additional awards for 2019 and could extend into 2020. There are additional Frequency Control Devices required for the system upgrade by the USAF. Lokos is providing Band Pass Filters as well as LC Filters for this program.

“It is a great win for the company after nearly 15months working with the Air Force,” Says Tim Maglio VP of Sales. “We have developed and maintained a technology that has been abandoned by most Frequency Control Device manufacturers. Producing a 340.5Khz quartz crystal was certainly a challenge,” he said.

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Lokos Electronics designs and manufactures electronic components and electronic assemblies for aerospace, defense, industrial and the medical industries. Lokos provides high volume commercial grade products shipped throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. The industries include consumer electronics, telecommunications and the transportation industries.
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