NSN 5915

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Electronic Components classified, as 5915 are devices used in many applications such as Communication Systems, Radar, Weaponry, Aircraft Instrumentation, Broadcast Systems, Data Transmission and Image Processing. An Electronic Filter is part of signal processing and is used to remove or suppress unwanted components of the signal and to pass or suppress specific frequencies within a Digital or Analog System. The Electronic Filter typically has a resonator centered on a specific frequency or frequency range. In the analog design or 5915 NSN Class the resonator consists of a combination of resistors, capacitors and or coils as well as Quartz.

Comprised of the following Electronic Filter types:

  • Filter, Band Pass
  • Filter, Band Suppression
  • Filter, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)
  • Filter Assembly, Electrical
  • Filter, Low Pass
  • Network, Receive
  • Network, Transmit
  • Suppressor, Parasitic
  • Network, Phase Changing
  • Network, Impedance Matching
  • Filter SubAssembly

NSN class product numbers:

Lokos Electronics designs and manufactures all NSN’s in the 5915 Class. We also produce commercial grade versions of all filter types especially for the high volume low cost market.

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