NSN 5955

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Electronic Components classified, as 5955 include Quartz Crystal Units, Quartz Crystal Controlled Oscillators and Non Crystal Controlled Oscillators.

Electronic oscillators are used to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC) by using an electronic circuit that produces an oscillating electronic signal.  Electronic Oscillators produce signals from very low frequencies (Hz) to high frequencies (Mhz) to very high frequencies (Ghz). Electronic Oscillator designs typically use a resonator and in some cases Integrated Circuits (IC) to produce specific frequencies. Resonators used in oscillators consist of RCL Resistors/Capacitors/Inductors operating in the Hz Range, Quartz Crystals operating in the Khz to Mhz Range and Dielectric Resonators operating in the Ghz Range.  Electronic Oscillators are used in similar industries as NSN 5915 such as Avionics, Military (Communications, Radar, Weaponry), Telecommunications, Broadcast and Medical.

Comprised of the following Electronic Oscillator types:

  • Crystal Unit Quartz
  • Oscillating Group
  • Oven, Component
  • Oscillator, Non Crystal Controlled
  • Oven, Electrical-Electrical Components
  • Oscillator, Crystal Controlled

NSN class part numbers:

Lokos Electronics designs and manufactures all NSN’s in the 5955 Class. We also produce commercial grade versions of all oscillator types especially for the high volume low cost market.

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