NSN 5995

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Assemblies classified as NSN 5995 include those types of cable, cord, wire assemblies and wire harnesses used on or with equipment and components.

Lokos Electronics designs and manufacturers NSN Classes 5915, 5955 and 5895 which in many designs require NSN 5995. In these NSN Classifications there are specific Components and Assemblies requiring cable assemblies, cord or wire harnesses as well as connectors and cables assemblies.  Lokos electronics produces specific cable assemblies for these requirements as well as stand-alone cable assemblies in the NSN Class 5995. Lokos Electronics offers a complete assembly from the Component Level NSN 5915, 5955 to the Electronic Assembly NSN 5895 to the connection to the outside world NSN 5995.

Comprised of the following Cable Assembly types:

  • Wiring Harness
  • Cable Assembly, Special Purpose,  Electrical
  • Cable assembly, Radio Frequency
  • Cable Assembly, Electrical
  • Cable Assembly, Power Electrical         

NSN class part numbers:

Lokos Electronics designs and manufactures specific NSN’s in the 5995 Class.

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